Angela graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with Highest Honors and a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering as a single mother with a special needs daughter. In 2016, after 9 years at Medtronic and Emory, Angela joined Florence Healthcare's founders to develop a novel software to advance cures. At that point Florence had one customer and now serves 10,000+ clinical researchers in over 45 countries. Florence annually receives "Best Places to Work" awards as well as recognition for being one of "Atlanta's 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies", "INCs 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America", and “Georgia's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies”.

Angela retired from Florence in 2021 and started Forge Fractional where she helps entrepreneurs build sustainable best in class companies. Angela is also cofounder of Recovery Advocate Network a 501(c)3 working to address the staggering disparity in resource availability for individuals suffering from mental health disorders, processing disorders, substance abuse, trauma healing and sexual identity challenges. 

Angela is clearly passionate about healthcare, advancing cures, building collaborative diverse teams, mentoring in communication skills and conflict resolution and teaching at Georgia Tech and Emory in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Angela was inducted into the Georgia Tech Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni in 2010 and awarded the Georgia Tech Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award in 2022. She has completed 6 IRONMAN 140.6 Triathlons, 4 IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlons, 5 Marathons (outside of the marathons IN the Ironman races), and was previously awarded her IRONMAN Certified Coach and USAT Level I certifications. She has taken a hiatus from triathlons to speak at motivational events, relearn Mandarin, travel the world, help with dog training, work on her saltwater aquarium, woodturn, blacksmith and most importantly focus on being the proud mother of Reanna, SmilesGirl. 

During her travels around the world she slept in monk's quarters at the base of Everest Base Camp and drank coffee at sunrise viewing the magical mountain, kayaked in the Amazon, Alaska, Canada and Mexico, hiked in Chile, Argentina and Brazil, walked on the Great Wall of China, completed mission trips in Mozambique, Zambia, Haiti, and Guatemala and spent time enjoying the views of England, Paris, The Netherlands, China, South Africa, Spain, Mexico and Italy (her first annual mother-daughter outside the US trip) and more. 

Angela’s self-made hashtag is #BeBraveBeBadass. She feels that everyone has their own personal best – level of badass. What is one person’s best self is irrelevant to the next person. If each person is brave enough to push their comfort zone, then they are able to strive for their own personal badass. Her favorite quotes are "Anything worth doing is worth doing well" and "If it were easy then everyone would do it".  ​

When you were born you were given one opportunity to be yourself, build a legacy and make a difference. Make It Count! - AGN

A mother, engineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, blacksmith, saltwater aquarium enthusiast and world traveler bringing diversity to BADASS!​


​​​​​Angela Gill Nelms