I have loved dogs and training them since I was a young child. I remember the first stray German Shepherd I trained as a teen. I was so proud and then so sad when we weren’t able to keep him. Since then I have spent decades with dogs. Loving them and trying to improve my training skills. My favorite breed is the German Shepherd. Brilliant and as loyal as can be. This is the first time I have owned two at the same time. Kuba is my personal protection dog. Spot on on the streets and when guarding a child. The true definition of a lover and a fighter. Steel (service dog) is currently a female puppy who I “affectionately” called the Bitch. She believes she is the tough one. Eventually we all learn that important lesson in life. Hers is coming. I am a firm believer in proper breeding, testing, socialization and training. These will improve the chances your newest family member will be able to experience the best of the best in life. Check out Havoc K9 Training Center for advice, available dogs and training expertise. 



​​​​​Angela Gill Nelms