I have loved and trained dogs since I was a young child. I remember the first stray German Shepherd I trained as a teen. I was so proud and then so sad when we weren’t able to keep him. Since then, I have spent decades with dogs. Loving them and trying to improve my training skills. My favorite breed is the German Shepherd. Brilliant and as loyal as can be.

I have had many special dogs in my life - but none like Kuba, my personal protection dog, who passed away suddenly 08 FEB 2023. He was spot on on the streets and when guarding a child. The true definition of a lover and a fighter. He was my constant companion for 2.5 years while I worked through severe PTSD due to a kidnapping/hostage situation I endured in August of 2020. He allowed me to live a full life again. The day I had to put him to sleep was one of the most challenging days of my life!!

Now I have Miss Harley Quinn a sable-colored female german shepherd. She will be my new companion through thick and thin. I will be eternally grateful to K9 Defense, LLC. for their hard work and generosity in making this match happen! 

My daughter got her first service dog, Mischa, when she was 5. That was when we met Kelli Collins and Havoc K9 Training Center. She has been without a dog for a bit, and finally, the most perfect for her dog arrived, Timber the Service Dog.  Check out his website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to follow his journey with Reanna. 



​​​​​Angela Gill Nelms